Hoosac School Giving: Girls Dormitory

Girls Dormitory

  • Will provide housing for 20 girls with 3 faculty apartments
  • Will earn a L.E.E.D certification for the building (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
  • Install solar/geo-thermal heating and cooling systems
Projected Cost: $ 1.5 million
Naming opportunities begin at $ 500,000

Hoosac School Giving: Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall

  • Will expand the current size of the dining hall to accommodate 150 students, plus faculty
  • Will create a state-of-the-art Student Center for students, with Day Student lounge and study area
  • Modern Media Conference Room
  • Expand the Dispensary/Health Center
Projected Cost: $ 2,000,000
Naming opportunities begin at $ 500,000

Hoosac School Giving: STEM Lab


  • State of the art classroom replacing observatory on top of Blake Hall
  • Student-centered environment rich in questioning, inquiry and discussion-based thinking.
  • Real world career-centered curriculum to prepare students to compete globally
Projected Cost: $ 250,000
Naming opportunities begin at $ 250,000

Hoosac School Giving: Pitt Pride

Pitt Pride

  • Redesign the entryway
  • Install energy efficient windows
  • Upgrade student rooms and faculty apartments

Projected Cost: $ 200,000

Amount Pledged so far: $ 50,000