What is Hoosac School’s academic program like?

Hoosac School’s academic program focuses on educating the entire student: academically, athletically, socially as well as spiritually. It is Hoosac's mission to develop enthusiastic learners with creative minds and strong moral compasses that are ready to handle college and life with intelligence and grace.

Where is Hoosac School located?

We are located in Hoosick, New York, right on the border of NY, MA, and VT. Our closest major city is Albany, however, we are less than three hours from Manhattan and Boston.

Are AP courses available at Hoosac School?

Yes, currently we have students in seven AP courses. We can offer up to 17 in various subjects such as Art, Math, Science, English and History.

What sports are offered at Hoosac School?

Our school fields competitive teams in Boy’s Hockey, Girl’s Hockey, Boy’s Basketball, Girl’s Basketball, Boy’s Soccer, Girl’s Soccer, Girl’s Volleyball, Cross Country, Track & Field, Boy’s Lacrosse, Girl’s Lacrosse, and Baseball. We also have a wide variety of non-competitive teams and offer Lifeguard and CPR certification.

How many students join Hoosac School each year?

On average, 45 students are accepted by Hoosac each year, ranging from 8th-12th grade, as well as post grad. The student body is typically around 130 students.

What is the average GPA/SSAT score of applicants that are offered admission to Hoosac School?

Although Hoosac admissions has no minimum grade or score requirements for acceptance, the average Hoosac student maintained a “B+” average at his or her previous school and scored above the 75th percentile on the SSAT.

What is a typical day like at Hoosac School?

Students are typically in academic classes from 8:30 until 2:15. After classes, students partake in the Work Job Program until 3:00. Sports go until about 4:30 and dinner begins at 6:00. Students have a study hall period from 7-9. Classes are half day on Wednesday and Saturday due to athletic travel.

Does Hoosac School have class on Saturday?

Yes, however, it is a half day. Classes go from 8:45 until 10:30, then teachers hold office hours until noon.

What is there to do on weekends?

The weekend program on campus is exciting and varied. Most weekends we host entertainment, such as a guest speaker, comedian, musician, etc. We also plan plenty of trips such as skiing, hiking, and attending professional sports games. Weekend activities vary each year.

How does academic advising work?

Each student has an individual adviser they meet with weekly. This faculty member acts a sounding board for the student and communicates diorectly with parents about their students performance.

What college counseling resources are provided for students?

Hoosac has a college counseling center where students are taught to use Naviance, a web-based application tool which allows students and families the ability to streamline the college research and application process. Hoosac also hosts college visits weekly. Our number one goal is to help students gain admittance to their number one choice.

Is there a dress code at Hoosac School?

Yes, the dress code is based upon neatness, cleanliness and good taste. All boys are to be clean-shaven. Prefects and VIth Formers have been given responsibility by the Headmaster to ensure that all students are dressed properly. At no time are hats allowed to be worn inside buildings.

Boys must wear a shirt and tie with a blazer daily. Girls must wear a blouse with either a blazer, jacket, or cardigan sweater. Khakis or slacks with dress shoes are a must. Wednesday and Saturday are casual dress, meaning students can wear a collared shirt.