Studio Art

Studio Art is a class designed for students to explore the wide range of artistic mediums, techniques, processes, and terminology behind the art classes offered at Hoosac School. Below is a drawing from this year.

Printmaking & Mixed Media

Printmaking & Mixed Media is a class designed for students to have a foundational understanding of printmaking and mixed media art making processes. Students will explore mono-prints, relief printing, and other printing techniques through multiples, and one-of-a kind prints. That knowledge is then combined with collage, adhesives, paper types, assemblages, and photomontages.

Digital Photography

This course is meant to encompass not only the art of photography, but the skills utilized by graphic designers while creating digital art. With digital media so prevalent in today’s society, technology such as Adobe Photoshop encourages creativity in a new and inspiring medium. Students will learn to improve and manipulate digital photographs, create entirely new pictures from scratch, and design projects based on elements from everyday life. Below is a photograph taken of Tibbits Pond.

Advanced Handbuilding Ceramics

Advanced Handbuilding Ceramics is a class that focuses more on glaze and glazing techniques than its prerequisite. This class also takes time to study current ceramic artists that are developing new ceramic techniques and methods in the field. Students will also be working on advanced forms to create functional dining ware. Students have recently finished a biography project on a professional potter. Students also made clay bowls for the annual Empty Bowls event coming up this month. The Empty Bowls Project, an international campaign to end hunger, allows artists and groups to create or donate bowls and serve a simple dinner in them; guests then get to keep the bowl as a reminder of all the empty bowls in the world. The Hoosick Falls Central School and St. Mary's are also participating and will be making bowls for the event as well. All of the proceeds will go to the Hoosick Falls Food Pantry.