About Hoosac Fit

At Hoosac we offer more than just competitive teams, we also offer to students the chance to participate in intramural sports activites. Hoosac Fit is an integral part of every member of the Hoosac communities day. Students and faculty all share in the understanding and necessity that each individual should strive to lead a healthy lifestyle. One that includes not just athletic competition but a steady and consistent regimen of fitness training that includes both physical training and fun activities. Those two components help insure that our students leave Hoosac with healthy habits already in place. The focus is, as in many Hoosac activities, on each individual's own performance and improvement. The only competition that takes place with Hoosac Fit programs is with yourself.

Hoosac Fit Activities

Fitness Training: Students spend their time in our upgraded Fitness Center, built in 2014. They are able to utilize our weight machines for phycial strength training or the cardiovascular machines. It is a fun environment for students who wish to spend time with friends while staying active and fit.

Yoga Club: Yoga is a great way to bring balance to both the body and the mind. It allows students to stay fit and relax outside of the environment of student life. Yoga is a total mind-body workout that combines stretching, deep breathing, meditation, and strengthening. Many students enjoy this club because it is a great way to stay fit while boosting their mood to refocus on their daily tasks and academics.

Ski & Snowboard Club: Hoosac is situated in a great area when it comes to winter sports and activities. If students like to ski or snowboard during those colder months, Hoosac offers a great chance to utilize some of the great mountains that are located in the Northeast part of the country. Our club has visited both Bromley Mountain in Vermont and Jiminy Peak in Massachusetts.

Lifeguard & CPR Certification: The swimming club is non competitive but offers the students the ability to either learn to swim or become better at something they already enjoy doing. Along with learning to swim, Hoosac is able to offer students lifeguard and CPR certification. These students are then able to spend time during their summer break as a lifeguard giving them work opportunities along with their academic resume.

Golf: In our spring season at Hoosac, students who wish to enjoy learning a sport more about skill and discipline rather than strength and speed can do so. Along with the close proximity to great mountains during the winter, Hoosac is in close proximity to great golf courses for our warmer months. The students have been to Hoosick Falls Country Club and Dutch Haven Country Club. Both of these clubs are located within a short drive of our campus.

Outdoor Activities: Our school is in a great location when it comes to outdoor recreational activities. The campus is situated on a smaller mountain which lends to some great hiking trails. Students have also participated in Yeoman activites which were activites that were crucial to the estate that existed before Hoosac received the lands for the school. The school also offers students the chance to partake in equestrian activities at one of the local horse breeding farms.

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