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Hoosac Student Life | Day & Boarding High School

Whether you are a boarding or day student, you will feel at home at Hoosac. Students quickly bond over common experiences of sharing meals, attending classes, participating in sports and the arts and getting involved in community service.

Who Attends Hoosac?

A great majority of our students currently board at our school. As shown in the About and Admissions pages, these students come from a variety of countries around the world. Along with our international students, our boarding program throughout the years has housed students from all over New England including nearby Westchester County, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Campus Activities

Extracurricular activities are designed to meet the varied interests of the School's diverse student body. Qualified students nominated by classmates serve as prefects and proctors. These student leaders maintain order in the dorms, monitor and correct student behavior as needed and oversee the work job program. All students are assigned routine tasks involved with the upkeep of the buildings and grounds and the general operation of the School.

Weekends At Hoosac

On weekends, students have the opportunity to stay on campus for dances or faculty open-house, or they can leave campus on school trips to NYC, Boston, or local towns for cultural events such as lectures, concerts, and plays. In the winter, there are trips to local ski slopes, rollerblade and ice skating rinks, bowling alleys, and every weekend there are trips to the movies as well as shopping excursions.

Learn More!

Please browse through the many activities and categories in the student life section of the website and determine whether our co-ed boarding school is right for you! You may start to envision your life at Hoosac!

Kevin Robichaud, Dean of Students

Kevin Robichaud, Dean of Students

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Hoosac School. The relationships and experiences that you will encounter during your time here will last you a lifetime. As you enroll in our school, you will quickly become a member of the Hoosac family; a family with incredible students, a committed faculty, and a diligent staff.

The Office of the Dean of Students is committed to quality and excellence while serving as an advocate for student life. Our educational community provides each student with an exceptional environment for intellectual and personal growth. Student life opportunities ranging from health and fitness services to competitive athletics, recreational activities to college counseling services are available to students as they work towards earning their diploma. Students are encouraged to become actively involved in extracurricular programs and prefect leadership opportunities. Issues regarding student life; including boarding and day student concerns, safety and security, personal development, relationships, and more, are all part of our campus life.

Our focus at Hoosac School is to provide an intellectual and emotional community, a cohort that is strictly focused on academics, greater interactions between students and faculty, and the opportunity for a student to expand their horizons by living with people within a more diverse population. Due to the highly structured culture of our school’s academic program, we are able to actively engage and challenge each individual. The enjoyment that our students receive out of being able to focus on the educational elements in which they most care about motivates them to rise to the top.

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