A Hoosac student baseball player, basketball player, and girls' hockey player

Our Private High School Sports

While Hoosac School is devoted to its educational offerings, we are a school that is well known for being highly competitive in regards to athletics. Currently, Hoosac competes in the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council, which is one of the top athletic conferences in the northeast. Our school gains much exposure to northeast colleges and universities due to our competition in this athletic conference. Year after year, our sports programs continue to have much success as we have won numerous championships and annually participate in playoff tournaments. We have featured top hockey and basketball programs dating back through the years. Hoosac takes great pride in being able to put high caliber teams on the field, court, and ice!

When a student chooses to join the Hoosac community, they have options of either competing in interscholastic sports or opting for our non-competitive programs. If you take a look around on the athletics pages you can see the list of interscholastic teams along with our Hoosac Fit page, which highlights other activities and sports that Hoosac students partake in. Our school is dedicated to both educating students academically and giving them the best when it comes to athletics and fitness.

Recent Championships:

2017: Boys Varsity Lacrosse NEPSAC Champions

2017: Boys Varsity Hockey HOLT Conference Champions

2016: Boys Varsity Hockey HOLT Conference Champions

2013: Boys Varsity Basketball NEPSAC Champions

2012: Boys Varsity Basketball NEPSAC Champions

2007: Boys Varsity Hockey NEPSAC Champions