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Our Academic life at Hoosac School in New York is not limited to the classroom. On any given day, a discussion begun in an Ethics class may find its way into that evening’s dinner conversation in the dining hall. A biblical passage read in morning chapel could easily become part of a lecture in a British Literature class that same afternoon. A tutoring session may start in a classroom, but it could continue on the walk back to the dorms after an afternoon athletic event. Ideas, discussion, and discovery are the heart of the academic experience at Hoosac, and they shape every part of our day.

Because of our frequent and thorough monitoring of each student’s academic growth, our commitment to nurturing the academic individuality of each student, and our fervent belief that there is no such thing as a student who can’t succeed, we pride ourselves in having created an atmosphere where students can discover their academic strengths and overcome their academic weaknesses.

Different students learn in different ways and at different rates. In our adherence to the principles of Mastery Teaching, our educational philosophy at Hoosac embraces a diversity of learning styles in our academic community. Because Mastery Teaching begins by identifying a student’s academic needs and then creates an academic experience that meets those needs, it is a method especially successful with students who have been academically labeled, students who have been overlooked in larger academic settings, and students who have yet to discover the academic success they can and should have.

Claudia Stulz, Dean of Academics

Claudia Stulz, Dean of Academics

At Hoosac School, we strive to create a learning environment that is comprehensive in scope while recognizing the individual student. Our approach includes mastery and collaborative learning and student-centered classrooms. As a college preparatory school, Hoosac offers a broad-based curriculum in the five major academic areas and encourages all students to explore the arts throughout their time here.

Learning in our classes is accomplished through class discussions, hands-on projects, experiments, papers, and presentations. Every faculty member is dedicated to helping all our students succeed by assisting them in acquiring the critical thinking skills that will serve them well now and in the future. Our curriculum is constantly under review in an effort to remain current and relevant, and to provide our students with a dynamic education. We concentrate on educating the whole student because we want our graduates to be responsible, ethical, involved members of society. Our ultimate goal is to create a caring atmosphere that allows our students to imagine their future and realize their goals.

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