Students Visit Lake Placid for Unforgettable Field Trip

Ms. Puckhaber and Ms. Purvis recently took students to Lake Placid, New York to explore the beautiful Adirondack Park. The students started their early morning trip with a hike through Henry's Woods. They enjoyed scenic views of the fall foliage from the summit of the hike.

Next the students walked the hallways of the legendary ice hockey rink, where the United States beat Russia in the unforgettable semi-final game of the 1980 Olympics. This was particularly a hit with the students who also attended an outdoor movie the previous week, where the film Miracle was shown!

They continued to see the sights of the town's main street with their peers. Some of the students even decided to enjoy a family styled lunch, which will be a memorable experience they will talk about for years to come. When Maddie Laliberte '20 was asked what was her favorite part of the trip was she replied "Eating lunch all together and seeing how great it was that everyone in the town knew each other."

The students hope to return in the Spring!