Opening Day Brings Together Students From 29 Countries
This past weekend marked the beginning of what will prove to be the most diverse and exciting school year since Hoosac's inception in 1889.

The 2018-19 academic year has brought together students from a total of 29 different countries all for a singular purpose: to develop into enthusiastic learners with creative minds and strong moral compasses that are prepared to handle college and life with intelligence and grace.

Nine U.S. States will be represented on campus as well.

For many, this will be the first time these students have been away from home. We are excited to embrace the various cultures, and are delighted that each student will be able to call Hoosac their home away from home for the rest of their lives.

Director of Residential Life, Taylor Purvis, put together one of the most exciting and fun Student Orientations we've seen in years. Following registration, students and faculty alike shared their first meal together in Memorial Hall. Once the students finished their dinner, they headed over to Blake Hall where they watched a highlight video from the previous school year. Students roared with laughter and applause as they watched their friends and teachers competing in sports, dancing at talent shows, performing music on stage, and having a good time inside the classroom.

The faculty then introduced themselves one by one and the students got to know their teachers a little better. Then, it was time for some games.

The students ran from classroom to classroom participating in a series of 15 different team-building games (see video above). In the end, the team that completed each game the fastest was awarded a "Chef Fabian Style BBQ" of their choice and some Hoosac Swag. The faculty and staff enjoyed the games just as much as the kids, as evidenced by the smiles on their faces.