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Hoosac Tennis Athletes Find Balance Between Online Coursework & Athletics During COVD-19 Quarantine

Although we are unable to have our varsity tennis season on campus this Spring, our student-athletes are busy quarantining back home and making use of their free time! Jose Portes Alvarez '20 (Dominican Republic) has been spending his free time helping his father around their family property, especially with yard work. He said for practice "I've been spending one hour each on my backhand, forehand, serve and volley, as well as one hour of conditioning with exercises Coach Pereira sends."

Sofia Gurgel '21 (Brazil) has been using most of her time to focus on academics. "I am waking up early, having breakfast and immediately beginning my online classes. Once classes end I then study for my AP exams that will be taking place in late May. I'm taking AP exams in Biology, Chemistry and English Literature, so that takes up most of my time! I am also doing an online course through Harvard called World Literature. I do have some time for tennis workouts, but after that ends, I like to play my piano and study some more for the SAT."

Pedro Figueiredo '21 (Brazil) added "Besides our regular Zoom meetings for classes, I have been spending a lot of time with my family, exercising, and working on my creativity by drawing a lot! My sister has been my best friend... we are watching television series together, playing games and exercising more. For that I am thankful!"

Sofija Filipovic '22 (Serbia) says she's adjusted well to the time difference. "I train for tennis in the morning while I have free time, doing lots of stretches and exercises. I help my little brother with his online obligations, then I prepare myself for my own. After my Zoom meetings I typically work on my assignments until 9 or 10pm, and read a couple chapters of an interesting book. I've also been helping my mother with things around the house. "

Fernando Barros '21 (Brazil) has not been able to dedicate as much time to tennis as others due to the quarantine. "My part of the city is in total lockdown, so I cannot use the courts, but I am able to workout from home. I have to admit that staying home is very hard, but I have ample time to complete my coursework!"

As you can see, our students are making the most of the current situation, adjusting to the circumstances and finding the positives along the way. It's true... we can't wait until this group returns to campus to pickup where we left off!