Hoosac Adds Yale Grad, Dr. Buckholtz to Faculty

During his long teaching career, Dr. Buckholtz has taught a wide variety of classes ranging in level from fifth grade through graduate school. In the world of boarding schools alone, he has had more than ten years' experience in teaching history at Emma Willard and German at Taft. Prior to that, he received his Ph.D. from Yale, where, as an assistant professor, he taught German language, literature, and history to both undergraduates and graduate students for twelve years. While still on the faculty at Yale, he also taught a graduate seminar as a visiting lecturer in the program for medieval studies at the University of Connecticut.

In addition to teaching at independent schools and universities, Dr. Buckholtz has lectured on aspects of medieval German history and literature at Yale, Harvard, University of Michigan, University of Iowa, and at the International Congress for Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In recent years, he has expanded his academic interests to include early American history and has lectured on early Virginia history at George Mason University and at the Middlesex County, Virginia, Historical Society. He is currently working on a book examining the repatriation of Virginian loyalists following the American Revolution and their relation to the emerging national identity during the early federal period.

Prior to receiving his doctorate at Yale, Dr. Buckholtz received an M.A. in clinical psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and has maintained a keen interest in more recent developments in the field. He is therefore delighted to have an opportunity to teach a course in psychology at Hoosac, and thereby renew his active engagement with the subject.

When not teaching, reading, or writing, Dr. Buckholtz enjoys fly fishing, country walking, gardening, the occasional round of golf, and collecting rare books, particularly 16th-18th century imprints. He has a keen interest in early American domestic architecture and historic preservation. He also enjoys listening to classical music and has served as a board member for a professional chamber musical organization, Music from Salem, for over ten years.