Former Olympian Nick Fairall Guest Speaks and Introduces His 'Helmets Are Cool' Campaign

Nick Fairall, a former ski jumper who competed in the 2014 winter Olympics recently visited Hoosac School as a guest speaker. In January of 2015, Nick suffered a fall during one of his jumps, paralyzing him from the waist down. After his injury, Nick went on to advocate for helmet safety, due to the fact that his helmet prevented a traumatic brain injury during his fall. On top of his presentation about helmet safety, he spoke to the entire school about his journey after the accident, and everything he had to work towards to overcome the fall.

His presentation proved to be an incredible learning opportunity for many of our students as he offered a live look at the importance of helmet safety and overcoming difficult obstacles in life. He opened the forum to both students and faculty and was happy to answer any questions the Hoosac community had. What he has achieved is remarkable and his tenacious nature despite while enduring such a tragedy resonated with our students, many of whom are athletes and are able to relate to Mr. Fairall.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Nick Fairall for taking the time to visit Hoosac School and share his experience.