Fiber Arts Elective Added to Course Offerings!

Now available at Hoosac School is a one trimester elective titled Intro to Fiber Arts! The curriculum involves a progression of processes, mediums, and methods that increase in technical complexity throughout the trimester. Enhanced understanding and appreciation of how fiber is sourced, as well as the historical significance of the art form are important goals of the curriculum.

Students learn diverse skills ranging from planting a dye garden to spinning wool into yarn! The basics of knitting, crochet, spinning, natural wool dying and felting are taught; as well as more advanced techniques, such as pattern design and garment construction for those who progress rapidly. In addition to learning new skills, the class provides relief to the stress and rush of the school day by providing students a contemplative space to slow down.

Whether students are looking for a new hobby, a creative outlet or a future career, this elective has something to offer everyone! Ciara Tonic '19 is now considering adding fiber arts to her collegiate curriculum!