Dr. Martin Luther King's Legacy as Remembered at Hoosac School

On Monday, January 20th, Hoosac School took the day to honor the legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Students and faculty alike gathered in the auditorium where we began the morning by watching Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech.

A series of student presentations followed where a greater discussion of Dr. King's impact on social equality took place. Brian Collado '21 is seen below speaking about peaceful protests.

Following the presentations, students broke into adviser groups to discuss the information and share their thoughts. The objective for each group was to provide a message, hope and/or action that they thought could help promote unity and understanding in our very diverse world. The advisers then organized and shared their group's information with the rest of the school.

Students had the rest of the day off to contemplate what was discussed and how they could affect a change and make the world a better place. Some students took immediate action, gathering in the dining hall where they assembled 65 meals to donate to the hungry.

The meals were then delivered to IPH (Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless) in Albany, New York. Hoosac students believe that we must continue to have these difficult conversations if we truly want to see positive change moving forward.