'Coach Ryan Court' Unveiled in Harry Dickie Sports Complex

Last week Hoosac School officially unveiled the brand new 'Coach Ryan Court' inside of the Harry Dickie Sports Complex. For as long as we can remember, Hoosac's students have been playing all types of games on a rubber gymnasium floor. The new and improved court is now made of maple hardwood! For his service to Hoosac School over the past 30 years, Athletic Director Michael Ryan was the perfect choice when it came to a dedication.

"So in the fall of 1988 Mike Ryan jumped right in as a Hoosac schoolmaster taking care of everythingto do with sports. He was given an apartment in Pitt Mason where he set himself up with his faithful dog, Spud. His first year he coached soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. We did not yet have the gym, so basketball was held in the armory in Hoosick Falls. Mike took care of the fields, the goals, the equipment, and anything else that had to do with sports.

He also had advisees. Mike had his own table in the dining hall and served as the faculty liaison with the kitchen, working out details for all special events and banquets. He also planned all Antonian/Graftonian competitions. He is a Graftonian. Donn Wright anointed him as athletic director in 1989. And that's the post he's held up to now. Mike marked 30 years at Hoosac this past June.

After he married Pat Mahar of Hoosick Falls, the couple moved into the Dorothy Dickie house on campus. They then moved into Hoosick Falls where they live with their two daughters, Madeline and Elizabeth. Mike has always believed in keen competition and good sportsmanship and has always tried to instill the values of fair play in his players, whether it be in soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, lacrosse, or whatever else Mike coached in his career. I talked with Mike the other day and asked him about memorable moments on campus. He reminded me of the Pitt Mason fire of 1991. I had forgotten that he rushed into the burning room where the fire started with one of the dorm fire extinguishers. He slowed down the flames until the fire department arrived.

He also reminded me that during summers he painted buildings on campus. Mike said that in the past 30 years he has probably painted all the buildings about three times. He additionally noted that he brought back baseball in 2001. And Michael Patrick Ryan continues keeping competitive sports alive at this little school in upstate New York with the same enthusiasm he brought in 1988."

-An excerpt from 'Hoosac Today, Spring 2018' by Richard Lomuscio, Headmaster 1990-2011