On July 2nd, a sudden and fierce storm struck Renneselear County, the greater Hoosick area and specifically, Hoosac School. This storm produced over 6 inches of rain in 12 hours resulting in large scale, catastrophic flooding. This flooding resulted in the over-topping of Tibbits Pond, which completely washed out the main entrance to the school. Unanticipated and costly repairs were needed immediately. An appeal to the Hoosac community was made and the response was tremendous and still continues today. To date over $30,000.00 has been donated to support the efforts to restore Tibbits Pond to it's historical state of tranquil beauty. We greatly appreciate the generosity of those listed below who have helped to begin that process. Currently the main entrance is in place, but unfortunately the Pond remains drained until the NYSDEC approves a new design for the dam that holds back the water that is Tibbits Pond. We will need more support going forward, as this will likely be a long process. Please consider joining those listed and help bring Tibbits Pond back.


Deb Alter

Cliff Ashley '88

Geoffrey and Karen Barrett '78

Dean Becker

Alicja Bialasiewicz

Raymond and Joyce Brown '51

Frank and Laura Burzesi

Joel Censer

Dr. Christopher Cimarusti

Charles Cochran

Jamison Collins '00

Irina Dolinsky

Edward A. Dougherty

Dean Foster

Stephen Foster

Karen Franz

Liza Gonikberg

Bryan and Cheryl Green '86

Charles and Danielle Grill

Huc Hauser '52

Jay Higle

Melanie Hoffmann '88

Edward "Chip" Jarman '73

Christopher and Paula Jacoby

Kristina Johnson '91

Edward S. Kacerguis

Christine King-Lancaster

Jennifer Lachance '98

Barry and Nancy LaPorte

Darcy Lyle

William and Patty Marvin

Dana McGuane

Allen and Eileen Meyer '74

Magda Sura Mininberg '79

Edward and Carolyn Mitchell '73

Richard C. Modecki '99

Richard and Becky Montgomery '73

Bob Morgan

John T. Ober '71

Martin and Helen Payne '53

Yannick Potvin-Desrocher '06

Howard and Cheryl Prince '67

Russell P. Reeder '60

Rosamond Rice

Lance B. Roepe '66

Mark Salzano

John Shelly '99

David Slaymaker '74

Molly Brady-Searby Smith '03

Philip and Hillary Smith '74

Claudia Stulz

Thomas and Anne Tatem '75

Alden Thompson '59

Karl Tigerhielm

Rick Tinkham

Craig and Kathy Weaver

Donald White