Hoosac! A Brighter Tomorrow!

We are excited to announce the interconnection of the Hoosac School Solar Array. From this day forward, the sun will now bring not only more light to the campus, but a clean, unending supply of green energy.

With the installation of our 500 kilowatt photovoltaic array consisting of over 1,500 energy producing panels, Hoosac can proudly state that our electric energy usage is completely offset by the power of the sun. As a member of our community, you can share in the satisfaction that while many talk about sustainability, Hoosac is taking action by putting real infrastructure in place to ensure a greener tomorrow.

Not only can you take pride in this accomplishment, you can help support it.

Hoosac Goes Green is our ongoing process of making our campus as energy efficient as possible. We have been quietly reducing our carbon footprint with small projects such as installing high efficiency heating systems and replacing all light bulbs on campus with LEDs. In the past there has been no real way to let the greater community share in the good work being done, but with our new solar array it is now possible for you to be directly involved.

We want the world to know that everyone at Hoosac is supporting a safer, cleaner future and to make that happen we have created a campaign to support our solar incentive:

Hoosac! A Brighter Tomorrow!

Join me and every member of the Board of Trustees in supporting this project by sponsoring a solar panel. When you make a donation to Hoosac! A Brighter Tomorrow! you will be sponsoring a panel in the array. In honor of your dedication to a cleaner world, a plaque with your name on it or a message that you would like to share, will be placed on a solar panel. You will also be provided an overhead image which will show where your panel is located in the array and how much energy it is producing. You will actually be a part of this worthy endeavor!

There are several levels that you can join that will allow you to support a part of the array. Please show the world that you believe in Hoosac! A Brighter Tomorrow!

Sponsorship Levels:

Diamond $10,000.00
Platinum $500.00
Gold $100.00
Silver $50.00
Bronze $25.00 for 25*
*This level is reserved for those in the community who are under 25 years old.

Once you show your support, every time you look up at the sun you can honestly say to yourself, and to the world, that you are helping make a Brighter Tomorrow!
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