Why give to Hoosac?

Your donations enable us to recruit a talented and diverse student body, retain dedicated educators, enhance our facilities, continue to build competitive academic programs and ensure the next generation of students receive a well-rounded Hoosac School experience. Simply put, your gifts make Hoosac possible.

Whether you are considering a gift to our Annual Fund or helping us reach a goal for one of our Capital Campaigns, every donation, small or large, matters. We thank you in advance for your generosity and support. If you have any questions or would like more information regarding the many ways to give to Hoosac, please contact us at info@hoosac.org or (518) 686-7331.

Thank you very much for supporting Hoosac!

Methods of Giving

A Deed of Gift

This is a signed document that transfers ownership of real, personal, or intellectual property from one person or institution to another. Such a document may be applied to transfer funds from a trust account to the school. Existing trusts are the Bolza Trust and the Lavino Trust. To initiate a Deed of Gift, contact Hoosac School at 518-686-7331.

The Ann Gray Parshall & Jane & Ralph Barrow Memorial Fund for the Arts at Hoosac School

Seeded by Trustee William W. Parshall II '59 in memory of his wife, Ann Gray Parshall, this fund is designed to underwrite a lecture series, enabling the school to invite eminent guest speakers and performers in a variety of fields. Ann was a trustee and the mother of Marbie Parshall Tarburton, class of '88.

Giving to Endowment

Endowment funds help ensure a school's future. This is investment capital set aside to protect the school during times of economic instability; only the interest can be used.

  • General Endowment Fund: The proceeds from this fund supports ongoing operations or other specified purposes. Bequests to the Wotkyns Society are appropriated to the endowment fund.
  • Endowment Projects: If you wish to participate in an endowment project, Please contact the Headmaster at 518-686-7331 or deansfoster@hoosac.org
  • Scholarship Endowments: To contribute to a scholarship fund, contact Hoosac School.

The Hoosac School Bolza Trust

Established in 1990 by funds contributed by the Bolza Family and by others. The Bolza Trust provides funds for campus maintenance projects. Facility upgrades such as new roofs and boilers are integral to the safe operation of the school but are not often perceived as a capital gift opportunities. The Bolza Trust enables donors to make a gift that will be restricted to facility improvements. The administrator of this trust is Jeffrey R. Bolza '70.

Make a Gift to a Capital Project

Hoosac has short term and long term capital projects planned. Contact Director of Advancement, John Harniman at 518 686 7331 if you wish to support a capital project.

Make a Gift of a Securities or Stock

Provide your stockbroker or financial advisor with the following basic information:

  • Transfer to: Hoosac School, P.O. Box 9, Pine Valley Road, Hoosick, NY 12089
  • For the amount of: __________

Please contact Kathy Weaver, Hoosac School Business Manager at (518) 686-7331 for details.

Matching Gifts

Many companies/corporations match their employees' gifts to non-profits organizations. Please inquire at your company/corporation to see if they have a matching gift program. If they do, please contact Kathy Weaver, 518 686 7331 and she will help you set up your gift.

Planned Giving or Estate Gifts

Bequests are respectfully recognized and valued. Please contact us at 518-686-7331 or info@hoosac.org. A donor may bequest to Hoosac School in his or her estate plan for a specific amount, a percentage of the estate, or even a residual portion of a retirement plan.

  • Your Will - Naming Hoosac in your will is a splendid way to make a substantial contribution that may not have been possible in your lifetime.
  • A Living Trust - Establish a trust in Hoosac's name and receive income from that trust until you are deceased, at which point Hoosac would receive the principle.
  • Life Insurance - Donate a life insurance policy to Hoosac and take a tax deduction for the current value of the policy. The school will eventually receive the proceeds. Meanwhile, your premium payments may qualify as charitable contributions.

Real Estate Gifts

A donor may contribute various types of real property to Hoosac School, including a primary residence, vacation home, farm, commercial building, subdivision lots, undeveloped property, or a fractional interest in property. In the case of residence, either a primary or vacation home, the donor may make a gift of the property and reserve the right to occupy it for the rest of his or her life and for the life of a spouse. Real estate gifts offer a variety of tax benefits.

The Reverend Meredith B. Wood Foundation Scholarship Fund

Named after Hoosac's Rector-Headmaster from 1941-1957, The Rev. Meredith B. Wood, this Foundation was established in 1999 by Keith Adams '54 and John Pulsifer '54 in order to provide scholarships to current Hoosac students who are the embodiment of those qualities Father Wood instilled in his students.

Securities or Stock Transfer

Gifts of securities are dated on the day they are received in the Hoosac School account at Wells Fargo, Broker A. King Francis, phone 413-499-1500. Include your broker's name and your name when transferring securities. Then, send Hoosac the certificates with a letter informing us of what you are transferring and the approximate value. In most cases, an outright gift of appreciated securities entitles the donor to make an income tax charitable deduction for the fair market value and, if these shares have been held for at least one year, an avoidance of capital gains tax (do not sell the securities and send in the proceeds).

Wotkyns Society

This society is named after Dana B. Wotkyns '19 whose bequest to Hoosac School in 1989 launched the construction of the Harry Dickie Sports Complex. The school expresses grateful appreciation to those who have supported its mission in their estate plans with a bequest or other planned gift by forever recognizing its members.

Tibbits Pond

Tibbits Pond has been greeting students, teachers, alumni and friends of Hoosac ever since the school was moved to the Tibbits family estate. On July 1st, a catastrophic storm, that brought major damage to all of the greater Hoosick area, caused the stream that feeds Tibbits Pond to surge and overtop the roadway leading onto campus.

This resulted in the complete destruction of the road and significant damage to the dam under it. The dam had to be breached and the pond drained. Currently, the road to campus remains impassable, a temporary road to the school has been made on the other side of campus. It has enabled us to continue to operate, but is not a solution to the major issue at hand, rebuilding the dam, replacing the road and restoring Tibbits Pond to its traditional state.

We are pursuing all avenues to help fund this restoration, but it can't be done without your help. Can you imagine a Hoosac without Tibbits Pond, without the waterfall below the stone bridge?

Please help bring Tibbits back by making a donation today. Hoosac School and all the students who have never experienced the glory of Tibbits Pond need your help. Please make a gift to the Tibbits Pond restoration fund today.